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in this field of business our company builds, manages and          develops property through integrated development to provide benefits to customers, investors and companies. The property business include provision of land self-contained cities, industrial estates, apartment complex, flats complex, high rise building complex, housing complex, apartment building, commercial building (home-store & office-house), housing cluster,            warehousing and   offices as well as buying and selling land. 
our company builds and manages the residential area along with its supporting infrastructure to create a comfortable, safe, healthy residential area attention to the needs of every inhabitant that     refers to environmental sustainability and adds value to each    owner. 
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PT. WOKATUBA INFRASTRUKTUR NUSANTARA is an integrated property developers company focusing its business activities in the       development and management of self-contained cities, industrial estates,          commercial areas, housing, as well as the management of     shopping centers, recreation centers, educational and hospitality venues (development integrated area).