Our company is engaged in the field engineering & design services, procurement services, construction services, installation & commissioning services, and metal fabrication services.

We have engineers who can create, design, analyze, build and test machines, systems, structures and materials to meet objectives and requirements while considering the limits imposed by practicality, regulation, security and cost.

In our company an engineer must be a professional and competent on the basis of his basic education and training to apply scientific methods and views to the analysis and solution of engineering problems. He can assume personal responsibility for the development and application of science and engineering knowledge, especially in research, design, construction, manufacturing, supervision and management. His work was predominantly intellectual and diverse, this requires the exercise of original thinking and judgment and the ability to oversee the technical and administrative work of others. His education and experience would be such that it enabled him to follow the development of the branch of engineering science immediately in consultation with new works published worldwide, assimilating the information and applying it independently. Thus, and they are contribute to the development of engineering science or its application. and they are will be able to provide authoritative technical advice and be responsible for important job directives at his branch.

Our company serves work from front-end engineering design, project management and execution of project work such as:

Industrial Process : Chemical & Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, etc

Industrial Equipment : Vessel & Pressure Vessel (Reactor, Heat Exchanger, Scrubber, Silos, Storage Tank, Mixing Tank, Blending Tank, etc), Control System, Piping System, pumping System, Refinery System, etc


Our company also has subsidiaries engaged in the field peroperty developers business our company of builds, manages and develops property through integrated development to provide benefits to customers, investors and companies. The property business include the land acquisition for self-contained cities, industrial estates, apartment complex, flats complex, high rise building complex, housing complex, apartment building, commercial building (home-store & office-house), housing cluster, warehousing and offices as well as buying and selling land. other than that, our company builds and manages the residential area along with its supporting infrastructure to create a comfortable, safe, healthy residential area attention to the needs of every inhabitant that refers to environmental sustainability and adds value to each owner.